Our small family business follows the idea of emphasizing the beauty of something seemingly unimpressive. 
Our first collection follows that concept in every aspect and focuses on details from nature that might be forgotten at first glimpse. 

Our jewelry is precisely handmade by ourself in our workshop in Germany. We pay special attention to a high quality in the unique design of each product and collaborate only with certified suppliers. Since each piece of our jewelry is handmade, each product is unique and slightly different from the other one.

Our ambition as a company is to work as sustainable as possible. We have our forms cast locally in Munich and we finish the blanks in our own studio in Bavaria.
Our silver jewelry is made of pure recycled 925 Sterling Silver.
All our golden jewelry is handcrafted in Gold Vermeil by a professional gilder in Pforzheim, Germany. 
It is a particularly strong layer of 24 carat gold on sterling silver, which we achieve with the galvanic process of gold plating. 
As a result, the gold layer on our silver blanks is much thicker than with the conventional method of gold plating.
Therefore, our jewelry is extremely long-lasting and has a very high sustainability.
The base material for our golden jewelry is pure recycled Sterling Silver with a fineness of 925/1000.
All of our pieces are stamped with the 925 mark, which indicates the purity of the material. 

We always want to provide you with extraordinary transparency in our working process. 
In the future we are planning to cooperate with environmental protection organizations so that a part of our profit can do good to the animals and plants that inspire our work. 
Ask us your questions and we will always come back to you!